Why Wozniak Would Want to Go to Australia

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Just a week ago, Steven Wozniak told an Australian radio station that he was on his way to become an Australian citizen, according to CNBC.  Why would one of the co-founders of Apple want to leave the country where he made his millions?

The answer is in digital economy.  What is digital economy?  With the world making its paradigm shift from physical business location to the web, the economy has gone online.  Digital economy is all the economic businesses and transaction that happen online.

Therefore, if you can speed up your internet, you can become more prominent and efficient in the digital world economy.  This is exactly what Australia is doing now.

Australia is making a push to become one of the top digital economies by making broadband penetration a major focus.  This is easier to do in Australia because the cities are densely populated and thus, coverage is a lot easier of a task.

With a high speed internet, load times are cut down, more operation can be performed at once, and a business can become more efficient.

If Australia can achieve this broadband connection in the next 10 years, we will see a new rival in the digital economy.  As of right now, the major digital economy leaders are, China, India, United States and many more wish to join them.

Some have speculated that getting a country more involved in the digital economy can revolutionize and save struggling economies.  An example of this is Greece.

With all the economic troubles that Greece is facing, one strategy that they might pursue is gaining a bigger presence in the world digital economy by encouraging young internet entrepreneurs.

Why would someone want to go to Australia?  They may want to go see the Great Barrier Reef, or see amazing wild life, but for Wozniak, it could be because Australia is on the road to become a major force in the world digital economy.

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Jamie Bates
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