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You might be asking yourself what is link building? And why is it such a big deal? Well in simple terms, link building is SEO, and it’s all about getting backlinks or in other words a link to your site from another site that has some relation to yours.

Google uses an algorithm that checks the number and quality of the backlinks to your site. The higher the quality and amount, the higher your ranking in Google.

How Links are like Votes

In a manner of speaking, backlinks are like votes to a politician or prom queen the more of them you have the better off you are. Except some votes are worth more than others.

For example, I played softball, and whenever my coach was debating whether or not to do something for practice, such as make us run laps or play some practice games, he would ask the team’s opinion. We would vote and try to persuade him to our opinion, however it always came down to what he wanted and whenever we would argue he would respond with, “This is a dictatorship, not a democracy,” so his vote trumped all of ours.

His vote had more weight because he was the coach and had a higher authority than us. This is a very similar concept to what happens with websites as well. Sites with higher authority have more weight in the vote.  Higher-authority sites tend to have more of an impact on your ranking.

So because some links hold more weight than others you want to shoot for the quality links that hold more authority to improve your site’s ranking. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to get a lot of links. It just means that you should aim for the ones that are going to help your site rank higher as much as possible.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director