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Content is

  • The answer to a question.
  • A hilarious meme.
  • A product that solves a need.

Good content drives customers to your website. Customers on your website equate to exposure and sales.

Unfortunately, content is also

  • That inappropriate spam you get in your mailbox.
  • That article you can tell was clearly written by someone who doesn’t speak fluent English.
  • Those video ads that auto-play on some websites.

Bad content drives people away, never to return. No visitors = no business.

Content is absolutely necessary if you want anything to happen. The secret to doing content right is to create the content that people want to see. You do that by understanding what good content looks like.

What Does Good Content Look Like?

People don’t spend time looking at things they have no interest in. You can have written the most interesting post on the proper care of a teacup Pomeranian’s furry coat, but if your audience doesn’t own a teacup Pomeranian, they’re not going to waste their time.

However, if your audience is interested in the finding proper brushing techniques for a fluffy Pomeranian, than your content will be very much appreciated. The key to good content is knowing your audience well enough that you can post with confidence topics they want to read/learn about.

How a Content Strategy Can Help

Sometimes coming up with content on the spot can be extremely difficult though. This is where a content strategy can come into play.

A content strategy contains the blue prints of your topics of discussion ahead of time: for weeks, and up to months away. You plan what you’ll write about, when. It gives you focus, direction, and provides your readers with content designed around an end goal. That end goal will drive all of your content in a consistent style that is both recognizable and helpful.

That’s the kind of content you want to produce. That’s the kind of writing people want to read. A content strategy helps you get there.

So Why Is the Internet Obsessed with Content?

Because it’s the only thing that people want from you. Internet users are generally selfish in nature. They want something for themselves, something they don’t already have. And that’s where you can step in: provide the content that they don’t already have.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director