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If you have been on twitter today, chances are you saw at least one tweet about Jason Collins. Collins is an American basketball player who currently plays for the Washington Wizards and who announced early this morning that he is gay. He is the first male athlete in a major American sport to come out as gay while still participating in the sport. This announcement has gone completely viral and millions of tweets have been sent out about this issue.

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When the day started, Collins had 3,700 twitter followers and as of 5:30pm MDT that number had climbed to 57,178. That number will continue to climb as more and more individuals share their support or opposition to his decision.


Several NBA Players and celebrities have shared support for Collin’s decision to come out including Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Baron Davis, Kenneth Faried, Bill Clinton, Howard Stern, and several others.


There has also been a tremendous amount of opposition including ESPN’s Chris Broussard condemning homosexuality on national television. For a time, Chris Broussard was also trending on twitter.


Several hours after his announcement and millions of tweets later, Jason Collins himself took to twitter and thanked all of those who showed their support.


Jamie Bates
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