Sometimes the most annoying thing when going to a website is getting hit with that infamous popup right as you land. It’s almost as if the website is saying, “Close me and leave my site because I’m annoying.”

But what happens when a popup isn’t intrusive, or the user is the one that triggers the popup, it changes the dynamic instantly.

If a user is the one that opens the popup, then it means they’re interested in what the site has to offer, or better yet, they sign up for the offer and you capture their email address.

If You Aren’t Capturing Emails….You’re Doing It Wrong

Email marketing is still the #1 channel for the best ROI.

Now, if this isn’t enough data for you to capture email addresses, then you might want to rethink your business.

Capturing emails shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be intrusive.

Here are some great ways to capture emails.

Ways To Capture Emails

Whether you use an app to collect emails or other traditional ways, make sure you aren’t overlooking these options:

Non-Intrusive Popups

The Privy App makes it easy to collect emails on an ecommerce site. It’s non-intrusive and with their customizable popup, it’s a no-brainer to have on your site. They have a free option, as well as a paid version. For one of our clients we saw that 43% of users that visited the popup signed up for the offer. This is what it looked like on the site:

The user would have to click that and it would popup.  Here are the results:

Using this non-intrusive app, will allow you to these popups, they also do exit intent popups.

Exit Intent Popups

Has a user spent more than 30 seconds on your site and is ready to leave? Hit them with an exit intent popup.

An exit intent popup triggers when someone intends to close the tab or hit the back button on the browser. The reason why these work so well is because if they have hit your site, obviously you were smart enough to draw them in, why not get them to sign up.

OptinMonster is a great app for this. Their popups are fully customizable and convert extremely well. Here is what it looks like:

By doing this you’re able to show more value to the user, and possibly collect their email. It’s like a last ditch effort before they leave. The best thing about this, is that you can make them feel bad about leaving your site, in a comedic way.

Offer Something For Free

Do you have an amazing white paper, or ebook that you’re just wanting to get out there? Why not offer it to your users. By offering something for free will entice users to give up their email address. Just make sure the thing you’re offering has good actionable tips to make sure the user sees you as an authority and will make them come back for more.

Whether you want to increase sales, or leads, make sure you have a strong email campaign ready to go. It has the best ROI of any channel, is one of the easiest to manage.

If you need help with an email marketing strategy, let us know, we’d love to help out.