Where Are You Heard?

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One of the most basic humanistic questions out there: I am heard?  From our toddler-hood age to being old and senile, we crave to be listened to.   Luckily, in this ever increasing technological age, doors are opened and we can get in touch with more people.  Now, the trick is finding some places to be heard.

Singing word outWith all these places to talk, it is hard to think that some people would even want to listen.  Every day, however, I am more and more surprised to find friend, co-workers, and family talking about something they have read online.  Think back on your week and try to remember how many time someone brought something up that they read online.

Listeners exist on the web!  Actually, they are abundant!  The trick is to connect yourself with people how want to listen to you.  Sallie Krawcheck is a great example of this.

When Sallie Krawcheck left Bank of America, the search was on to change her professional field.  First, she wrote opinion pieces for some newspapers.  However, she quickly saw that there was little to no response to her message. get the word out

Thus, she decided to look elsewhere to publish.  Luckily, LinkedIn recruited her to be publish blogs post on her social media.  With her first post about no one caring when you are fired, the results were stunning!  She had an amazing 212,000 views of her blog, with more than 1,300 comments.  She was heard.

Social media has a huge influence on the world today.  It is a place to speak and to listen.  Some major news if first broken on these site and have credited them.   Make sure, if you are a business and want to get the word out, to have optimized your social media accounts.  Get some tips for your business by reading, Social Media Tips for Business Owners.

If you want to be heard, it’s time to take the pulpit of online world.  Remember to listen to everything out there was well as expressing your own thoughts.  We were born with two ears and one mouth for a reason.


Photo Credit: Matt Biddulph, Kaptain Kobold

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director