The NFL season is begging with a new wave of social media.There are a lot of traditions that we love in America, but two of the biggest are professional sports and reality television. And sometimes, if we get very lucky, those two worlds collide in all their awkward glory.

Millions of people tune in every week during the NFL season to watch the athletes compete. For me personally, it doesn’t even matter what teams are playing. As long as its football I’m down to watch the entire game.

Now imagine a show like ‘Survivor’. Or ‘The Real World’. Or ‘American Idol’. Or ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. Or ‘The Bachelor’. Or ‘Biggest Loser’. Or ‘Shark Tank’. Or ‘Undercover Boss’. So many different reality shows exist for one single reason: people keep watching them.

When Worlds Collide

It was only a matter of time until these two worlds collided. And no single moment better showcased that union than former All-Pro wider receiver Chad Johnson getting fired from the Miami Dolphins.

While filming for Johnsons reality show “Ev & Ocho” he ran into some off-field complications and was subsequently released by the Dolphins. Normally those moments aren’t open to the public view but luckily the reality tv cameras were there to capture it.

As a sports fan, it was interesting to see the conversation held between a coach and his soon to be unemployed player. That isn’t something I would normally ever get to see and I was thankful for the chance.

A Closer Look

Reality Shows have started to overtake modern television programming.And that is exactly what I think is the biggest benefit to athletic and reality cross-over shows. It gives sports fans the chance to see a whole different side to the game they love to watch.

This behind the scenes access isn’t something you would ever see on a Monday Night Football broadcast. It adds a layer or immersion for any fan that might be looking for more.

Something interesting would be if the NFL made footage like that readily available to its fanbase. I’m sure they have some programs on the NFL network that go behind the scenes but there are a lot of people (myself included) that don’t have that channel.

Make that content available to the masses. Athletes who use social media outlets like twitter have some of the biggest groups of followers across that entire platform.

The popularity of reality television in general is proof that there is a market for more behind the scenes programming for the sports world. My sincere hope is that it comes in the form of showing how a NFL team operates or prepares for a game and not so much a look into the social lives of the players’ girlfriends.

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Scott Sundblom