It’s undeniable that the internet has changed the way we communicate, socialize and complete basic tasks on a daily basis. And while most of us use the internet on a daily basis, not very many of us actually understand how it works.

While it may be difficult for the average Joe to understand everything, there are a few basic components to the internet everyday users should (and can) become familiar. One of these components is the IP address, which stands for Internet Protocol. IP addresses are the main communication for websites, and the following are a few things you should know about your website’s IP address.

The Purpose of IP Addresses

An IP address is used to initiate and complete communication on the Internet between devices, so every computer that communicates on the Internet uses an IP address. In some cases, the assigned IP address may not be on the computer actually used to connect to the Internet. In these cases, the computer is able to connect to the Internet because another device contains the IP address used to communicate on the Internet such as an Internet Service Provider or an attached network.

IP Addresses are Unique

An IP address is a unique identifier. Every computer that connects to the Internet has an assigned IP address. Every IP address has a set format, which is displayed as a series of numbers. The format is a series of four sets of numbers. The first three sets contain three numbers separated by a period, and the last set contains two numbers . For example, is an IP address shown in the IP format. An IP address can be thought of as a street address for a house. The street address identifies the location of the house, and it is specific to that particular house.

IP Addresses Can Be Reassigned

The IP addresses that are assigned to computers are not assigned to the physical computers. All IP addresses are assigned to computers through a configuration setup in the computers’ software. Therefore, if an IP address is no longer used on an assigned computer, the IP address can be transferred to another computer.

The Internet and IP Address

The Internet is an amazing operational process that is used in a variety of ways by millions of people on a daily basis. One of the great things about IP addresses is that IP addresses work unattended in the background without any assistance needed by website users. Even though website users do not need knowledge of IP addresses, it is always useful to know about important aspects of the Internet such as the IP address.

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