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The reason Social Media Marketing Services are becoming so popular is because almost half of all Americans are now using at least one social media tool. The even more staggering part of this statistic is that that number has doubled in the past two years, this social media trend has exploded. In 2008, only 26 percent of Americans were on a social network. Now that number has reached 47 percent and continues to grow. So what does that say about us as a culture or as Americans? The social media strategy firm Hasai figured out some infographics that just might help us.

Americans Love to Talk About TelevisionAmerica Loves Television

Statistics show that 77 percent of users utilize social media to express love or excitement about a TV show. Around 65 percent use these devices as a way to try and save their favorite shows, and 35 percent use social media to try and introduce new shows to their friends. We really love television!

Americans Have a lot to say

About 48 percent of bloggers across the world are US-based. Considering there are over 156 million public blogs in existence, that means that Americans are running about 75 million of them.

Americans are HardworkingSocial Media LinkedIn Logo

Just under 50 percent of LinkedIn’s 120 million users are located in the United States. Americans love to enjoy themselves on the Internet, but they also know how to get down to business.

Americans are Crazy About CelebritiesSocial Media-Lady Gaga

The number one followed Twitter account is Lady Gaga with close to 13 million followers. The rest of the top five include Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, Katy Perry and Kim Kardasian. Sixty-Five percent of all social media related to the Royal Wedding were from the U.S., with only 20 percent coming from the U.K. The connection between celebrities and everyone else is closer than ever, and Americans are taking advantage of it!

Americans Love to Play Video Games

One stat says it all, 10 percent of all U.S. internet time is spent playing video games. That is the second most heavily-used internet action.

Americans are Linkedsocial-media internet

Six out of every seven American homes have broadband internet access, and nine out of ten Americans are online. Those are incredible numbers if you really think about it. Never in the history of the world has it been so easy to connect with those near and far.

These are just a few of the things social media trends say about Americans. What do you think?

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director