Before posting and commenting on Reddit, you need to know your way around. This is key to getting “upvotes” and becoming a great resource to the community. Here are a few things to know about Reddit that will help you get started:

  1. Upvotes/Downvotes: Reddit works completely off of a voting system. If someone likes your post, they will upvote it by clicking the up arrow next to your post. If they think it’s irrelevant or spammy content, they will downvote it. By building a profile full of good, upvoted content, you’ll become a trusted, integral part of the community.
  2. Subreddits: These are the categories that all posts are sorted into. There is a subreddit for almost anything you can imagine. Search for your topic in the search bar and you’ll find a subreddit that’s an exact match or very close to it. Make sure to always post in the most relevant subreddit or it will get downvoted to oblivion.
  3. What can I post?: You can post whatever you want on Reddit as long as it’s in a relevant subreddit. Some of the more successful things to post are infographics, videos, data, memes, questions, and interviews. If you are posting something NSFW (Not Safe For Work), make sure to mark it as such and put it in an appropriate subreddit.
  4. Self Promotion: Keep in mind that Redditors are pretty good at spotting blatant self-promotion. In order to avoid getting your content blasted, make sure you only post the best of the best content—things people actually want to read. Being transparent about what your posting can also go a long way too.

Now that you know how to use Reddit and what it’s all about, it’s time to start building your brand. Reddit is a great driver of traffic because when you post a link, it will take the user directly to the site. Always make sure that you have a catchy title (not a clickbait title) that will make the user want to know more about what there is.

SEO Purposes

Sharing Infographics – Reddit is a great place to share your infographic with a large audience. There are over 35k subscribers to /r/infographics, and your post will show up in every one of these user’s feed. The infographic could take the user back to your main site, which could turn into a conversion. Some of the people clicking on your link may not have known your company exists, giving greater exposure to your brand.

Driving Traffic – If the main goal for your site is getting people there and driving traffic, then Reddit is a great resource. Reddit allows you to make a new post every 10 minutes. You can find more than one relevant subreddit and post your content multiple times, so thousands of users could click on it. Here’s an example. A wall decoration company had a hard time getting people to his website. I posted some art pictures in the “Art” subreddit and it drove over 200 people to their site in one day. One of those 200 people actually bought something as well. This was only with one post.

Branding – Reddit is a great community to help out your brand. If you are able to do something heartfelt and genuine, the community will support you. Posting great content will encourage people to upvote and share your content.

Now Reddit won’t help you build links, as the links posted on Reddit are all “no-follow,” but it’s a great site to build brand awareness and drive traffic. There’s a reason why Reddit is called, “The front page of the internet”—everything you see on Buzzfeed and Facebook’s trending list was already on the front page of Reddit a few days earlier.