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Web Design for SEO

Do you want to get your company online?

Well then the first thing you have to do is to build a website! And don’t just build any website, but create a well-designed one.

Website Design is extremely important for not only for the aesthetic eye of your customers, but also for search engine optimization. Personally I recommend having a professional help you with your web page, but make sure that they are someone who knows SEO too.

I had a friend who just paid someone to create his website.  The website looks decent, however it is completely in Flash and not SEO friendly.  So if you are going to make a company website, make it right.

Here are some tips for going about optimizing your website design:

  • Place a plethora (but not an excessive abundance) of good content on your site.
  • Include your keywords/phrases of your business on your site.
  • Tweak your content by bolding, italicizing, adding alt tags, etc.


  • Minimize your code to text ratio!

If you are not sure how to do all of this well on your website, then I suggest your get a Web Design team!

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