Avoiding Spammy Blog CommentsOne of the main search engine optimization tasks I do for each of my clients on a monthly basis is blog commenting. An accepted comment will build a link to your website, making it much faster for Google to find your site and, in turn, boost your rankings on major search engines.

What Makes a Good Comment

Let’s start with what a good comment is. A good comment adds to the conversation and provides useful information and relevant links. When you comment on a blog for the first time, make sure to post a well-thought-out comment with a link–if you feel it adds value–and your name as an anchor text.

Do not be spammy. If the owner of the blog you commented on considers your comment as spam, you just wasted your time and you will not get backlinks. If your comments are marked as spam, the blogger may report you to Akismet. And if you are reported frequently, you will have trouble commenting on blogs protected by anti-spam plugins, like Akismet and Spam Karma.

Things to Avoid When Commenting on a Blog

  • Leaving many irrelevant or inappropriate links in the comment box. This will look spammy.
  • Leaving a large number of similar comments per day. One hundred of the same comment per day looks unnatural to the search engine bots.
  • Leaving a short comment like, “Thank you, great post” or “Thank you, I agree.” This may be regarded as spam by the author.

Things to Do When Commenting on a Blog

  • If you do thank the author for writing a great article, think about adding some information to this.
  • Maybe share from you personal experience or add some more useful resources to make your comment more valuable.
  • If the article has new concepts or terms that you are not yet familiar with, do a little research before commenting.

Something that I would highly recommend NOT doing is using automated comment submission tools. These allow you to automatically submit up to hundreds of comments every day, yet they will yield poor results and will devalue your links. Or worse, as mentioned above, you may be reported to the anti-spam plugins.

Something that I highly DO recommend is putting forth the effort to get outstanding results and taking the time to make it happen. Improving your blog comments will be rewarding to your website; i.e., Google will find you faster, more people will like you, and you will get more traffic to your site.

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Austin Lund