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As you have probably noticed by now, social media is huge in rankings, especially sites such as Facebook. Many people see the wave and for various reasons, only let themselves get ankle deep in the surf, but I have a recommendation for you. Grab your boat, and start sailing. The tidal wave of social media, specifically Facebook is a big one, and one that you aren’t going to want to miss. The benefits of Facebook, especially with your own websites rankings are unparalleled.  But what are your tools of the trade? And how do you ride this swell? Well keep reading and learn how to below.

Facebook optimization

Perhaps this is somewhat of an unfamiliar topic but simply having a Facebook isn’t enough.  Here are some of the tricks to making sure that your Facebook page is fully optimized and ultimately, how to help your rankings and direct traffic to your site.

  • Check for grammatical and spelling errors. Double check for grammatical and spelling errors. Triple check for grammatical and spelling errors. In my opinion, having these kind of errors can Facebook is a tidal wave that can be ridden for our benefit.seriously hurt the professionalism of your page.
  • Post often. This may seem obvious but giving people a good reason to follow you, will in turn, lead to people following you.
  • Don’t hide your website’s link. Make sure your website that you are promoting is in a location that is obvious to the reader.
  • Be social. This can consist of many different things but definitely includes tagging people when you mention them, or even putting on chat so that people can talk to you. This is really important in giving your company or business a voice, something that they can relate to much easier than a faceless corporation.
  • Don’t forget your other social networks! Having links to your other social networks is super great as well.

The take home

The more people like your page, the more people share your content, the more they will notice your website. This traffic will raise your rankings, and will help you promote your website. So make sure you don’t forget about the Facebook wave that so many people are riding in 2014.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director