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Using Facebook PlacesBy now you are all most likely acquainted with Google places – the services that associate the physical address for a business with map and local based search results – it’s actually a really amazing collection of services for users and business alike (great for businesses because Google is more likely to favorably rank you if you have a good places account).  Well not wanting to be left behind Facebook has jumped on the train as well.

What is Facebook Places?

Facebook places is the mating of their social network with smart-devices. Essentially what happens is, you can “check-in” on Facebook to let people know where you are. A lot of the time, when you check-in the application will automatically know where you are (if the place is registered in the database). Let’s say, for instance, Jameson is at Gold’s Gym (that’s right, i’m huge!). If there is no place set up already it will do it’s best to guess where you are.

Using Facebook Places

The benefit of using Facebook Places is that whenever someone checks in at “your place” their news feed will say “John Doe is at (Insert your company here).” So all couple hundred of their friends will see your place on their friend feed, which in turn will drive traffic to your Facebook page, web page, and end with more traffic to your store.

This is simple and cheap viral marketing, and there is NO excuse for not having this service setup for your company. So do us all a favor and follow Sugarhill Gang’s advice and “jump on it!”

Setting Up Facebook Places

It is very likely that your business is already marked on Facebook Places, but you should check – on the off-chance that it isn’t – and finish the setup process.

  • Go to your smartphone/device and open the Facebook app and go to the places section. Check that you like the place and that it is a store.
  • Now go to your Facebook places page. Below the picture you will see a link that asks if you own this business. Click that.
  • From here, you will be require to prove that you do indeed own the business – either via domain email address or official business document.
  • Hit enter and wait a few days for Facebook to get back to you.

Once you’ve been approved, get ready for more/qualified traffic, using Facebook Places

However, you should not forget that Google places is important as well. Check out this article on – How to rank on Google Maps by Optimizing your Website

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director