Over the past several years there have been all different types of social media popping up, and companies have been asking, “how can we tap into this to make money?” There is no single strategy, and each form of social media a requires different technique.

Some like social bookmarking are great for SEO others like Digg are better used to drive traffic to your site. Digg is considered a social news site, on which people can submit online content that they think is interesting and other people can vote it up or down.

There are other social news sites that are more specific like Ballhype for sports, but Digg is the only all encompassing one that has gained a large following.

Using Digg, and making it profitable takes several steps.
1. Create a profile
2. Vote other peoples stuff up
3. Get friends, as many as possible and vote their stuff up too.
4. Submit stories, but don’t be a self promoter. Post anything interesting you find and your friends will vote it up because you scratched their back first.
5. Once you have become a prominent user you can submit something related to your company, and your loyal friends will vote it up.

Anything that gets onto the front page of Digg will drive a lot of traffic (1,000’s of visits), so make it something worth while that has some marketing value for your company. Remember when using Digg don’t be a self promoter or the Digg community will have nothing to do with you. You need to gain some traction before your ready to use it as a marketing tool.