Using Contests Through a YouTube Video To Promote Business

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Contests are a sure way to get the attention of new and current customers. Just add YouTube online videos to the mix and you’re sure to have success.

The Australia Zoo is the perfect example of those who have discovered and harnessed the power of this. (Now as I explain this, think about how you can apply these ideas to your business).

Each year Australia Zoo hosts a video competition for Steve Irwin Day (and often times for Bindi and little Bob’s birthdays), where you can win a trip to the Australia Zoo! (If that doesn’t catch the attention of a Crocodile Hunter fan, I don’t know what will).

To give you an idea, check out how they did it…

What they did was post a video on YouTube announcing the contest for all to see. Then they included the video on their website, as well as sent the video in emails to all their email subscribers. This way visitors to YouTube would see (attracting new fans), visitors to the website would see, and anyone checking their emails would see.

In this particular example, they didn’t just use a video as an advertisement, but they made it fun for people by encouraging them to get involved. Contestants actually get to make their own video and upload it as a video response to the original video contest announcement. At that point people can vote on the videos. In the end the videos will be judged by the Irwin family to determine the winner.

Here is an example of a video made for a previous contest….

    So let’s say you want to do something like this for your business…

First, go ahead and open the following link in a separate browser, so you can follow along. Now that you’re there, here are some things to notice:

  • Above the video there is a button that says “View more from Australia Zoo”. This tells people “oh hey, look they have other videos we can watch”. This is especially great if you happen to have a bunch of videos demonstrating various products. Customers can easily see what else you have to offer.


  • Notice how there is a link/button for people to subscribe? This is key to keeping customers informed. Whenever you post another video, subscribers will be notified. (You can encourage people to subscribe to your videos in emails you send out and in the description of your video).



  • If you look just below the video and description, you will also see the “embed” option. This option allows anyone (including the business owner) to embed the video into a website, blog or email.
        As for

    optimizing your video

        and making sure it gets found (time for some


  • Make the title of your video something that will catch people’s attention, is relevant to the topic of the video, but most importantly, include keywords. In this case their entire title includes keywords (2010 Steve Irwin Day & Video Competition).
  • The same rules apply when it comes to the video description. The first two lines are what will show up in the shortened description, so make it count. Notice how their first two lines are “2010 Steve Irwin Day Video Competition” and “Win A Free Trip to Australia Zoo”. It immediately catches attention, includes a call to action and includes keywords people will likely search for.
  • When you click on the description you’ll notice the tags at the bottom. These are basically keywords or words people will most likely type when they are searching. (In this case they used, “Australia Zoo”, “free trip”, “video competition”, “Steve Irwin Day”, “Steve Irwin”, “Irwin”, “wildlife”, “conservation” & “crocodile hunter”). So when people type in a topic such as “wildlife”, the idea is that this video will pop up in the search results.
  • Hopefully this information helps you with your business. There are many other tricks to the trade to learn and there’s a lot to remember. No worries, you’ll get the hang of it. Just be sure to write down ideas and thoughts before you forget them.

    Good luck and have fun.


Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director