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Throughout the progress of society we see various trends that will begin and grow to huge levels. Well, that current trend is the proliferation of the smart phone. I have written before about why being on Google places is so important, to that I am going to add something of an addendum, using augmented reality local search.

What is it – One of the newest and most exciting capabilities of a smart phone is something called augmented reality. In essence, your phone will super impose information over on top of an image you are receiving through your phone’s camera. This information can be anything from restaurants, to subway stops, to creating a video game in real space. So as you move around or turn with your camera you will see new information (the future is NOW!)

How to use it – The way this will be of benefit to you is, say there is a person in New York city who is hungry and wants to see what places are nearby to eat. They would pull out their phone and launch their augmented reality search app. When they hold their phone up they will see logos for various restaurants with their respective distances. They can then find reviews for the restaurants or directions all within the app. You want to make sure you are in this app, otherwise, people will likely walk right past you. Now you can see why using augmented reality local search would be important for your business.

Why now – Augmented reality is still somewhat in its infancy, but, even still it is important to get involved with it right now; it is only going to grow as more practical applications are found. The issue for the moment, then, is that you want to be involved with the trend setters so that as this industry grows, your local search reputation will grow right along with it.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director