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eCommerce sites.  If you have one, chances are you are trying to sell something.  Of course one of the most basic concepts in sales, along with good SEO is the call to action. Here, I’ll talk about a few ways you can make effective calls to action and how to properly use them.

There is no exact right or wrong way to make a call to action and you should certainly not just do cookie cutter copies over and over.  You can still be creative while following some simple concepts.  Let’s get started

Keep it simple

Even the most focused people can only pay attention to something so long. I mean I sure…my fingers look weird if i really watch them while I type.
See what I mean? You need a statement that is simple, powerful, and to the point. A great example of this is Spotify. Their home page simply says “Music for every moment. Get Spotify for free.” The 2nd sentence is of course a button that takes the user to the account set up page. Bam.

Use Colors

Use colors that will stand out and really catch your customers’ eyes. You want there to be no confusion about how to buy your product or download.
We’ll use Spotify again because they are a great example of this. The “Get Spotify for free” Button is a bright green color and stands out against the grayish color of the background.

Trial and error

Try new things. Give your calls to action test runs to see if one particular design is working better than others. Try running an A/B test to see the impact versus a control.

If you really want success with your eCommerce site you can’t go without a well done call to action. Keep working on them and remember to keep them simple but powerful with colors that stand out and you should be doing well.

Photo Credit:Spotify

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director