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yahoo-bing-microsoft-mergerWe are all well aware that roughly one year ago Yahoo and Microsoft Bing made an alliance. To recap for all those who thought that this merger was not really ever going to happen: In this alliance, Yahoo turned over promotions to Bing in return for the right to sell ads on some Microsoft sites, as well as the rights to 88 percent of the all ad revenues that are made on their own Search Engine sites within the first five years of the deal.

So after almost exactly one antsy year, where Search Engine Optimizers anxiously awaited the change to come from this Yahoo and Bing partnership, some real search engine merging has finally started to come into play.

So what is to be understood from this Yahoo and Microsoft Bing merger?
Microsoft will be responsible for both the organic and paid results in both Yahoo and Bing. Although, both search engines will appear separate as they do now, they will have the exact same results which use the exact Microsoft algorithm.

So how does this merger affect the SEO of your website?
The biggest changes that this merger will do to the Search Engine Optimization of your website is that it will cause your Yahoo ranking to either decrease or increase in relationship to your Bing ranking. If you currently have a higher Bing ranking than Yahoo, then you are a good place. Contrarily, if you currently have a lower Bing ranking than Yahoo, then you might want to start speedily working on your SEO, because your Yahoo ranking is only going to go down to your Bing ranking.

This Yahoo and Microsoft Bing merger has potential changes for Pay Per Click campaign management as well. Eventually this alliance will cause Microsoft ads to populate both search engines and will push any accounts that are with Yahoo to move to AdCenter.

This move will create several changes, including:

  • AdCenter will not allow you to differentiate between your Yahoo and Bing ads.
  • Domain blocking will also no long be available.
  • The number of characters allowed on an ad will decrease. You will be allowed to use 25 character headline copy and 70 character body copy. If this limit is not followed then your ad will remain inactive.
  • Ad Center will no longer allow Yahoo’s minimum bidding of 1 cent. It will now enforce Bing’s minimum of 5 cents.
  • AdCenter will have match type like Google with Exact, phrase and broad.

With Bing and Yahoo’s changes to be more like Google in some ways, I find that even with their recent slight drop in stocks (by -0.85%), Google is still in the lead of the Search Engine World. More competition makes for better products, right?! I guess we’ll find out this next year.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director