There are a few main points to consider when writing high-quality search engine optimized content.

1. Write with User Intent in mind. When someone searches for something in a search engine, they are typically seeking to have a need met or question. If you are a high-quality source of that answer or need it can go a long way.
2. Be grammatically correct and well-spoken. Search engine crawlers want to provide the best content possible for their users. So they have gotten very good at selecting well-written content, so you don’t want misspellings and grammatical errors weighing you down.
3. Choose your focus keyword wisely. Don’t just pick the keywords that have high search volume and then call it good; answer the questions people are asking in meaningful and value-filled ways.
4. Be clear, concise, and get to the point. Don’t write long content just for the sake of it being long. If your content is meant to answer a question, answer the question in the first paragraph in a concise way. Then you can go in-depth in the rest of the content.
5. Charts, images, and other visuals are your friends. People are probably going to get bored if the only thing on your page is words; you know it, they know it, and Google knows it. Adding visuals with proper alt text help both the user and search engines see your content in a better light.