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If you have a website and you’re looking for more exposure, implement a schema. It doesn’t really matter what kind of website you have. Have you ever thought of something nifty, only to have someone tell you “There’s an app for that”? Schema is the same way. If you’ve ever said “Gee, I sure wish there was a way to help search engines better understand this part of my website” then odds are – there’s a schema for that.

A schema is a standardized markup vocabulary that is recognized by search engines. provides an assortment of schemas that webmasters can use in on-page markup. Defining certain information using a schema makes it easier for search engines to provide users with more relevant results – your results.

For example: let’s say that I want Google to more easily recognize my website as one for a local branch of a larger organization. There’s a schema for that. By making use of the “branchOf” and “openingHours” properties, along with others, you can help search engines recognize those aspects of your business.

The Event Schema can be used to help search engines better identify events like these.

The Event Schema can be used to help search engines better identify events like these.


This schema lets you get really specific about the details of the event you’re describing. The broad vocabulary of the event schema allows you to label elements such as duration, location, attendees, performers, and the start and end dates.

You can also specify more specific event types. Currently, there are fifteen different event types to choose from. Examples include: EducationEvent, DanceEvent, and SportsEvent.

Job Posting

A schema can also be used help search engines properly identify and separate job postings from other content. I love this idea, because when I use Google’s Blog Finder tool, I occasionally come across a job posting, and they just aren’t that much fun to read.

The details that this schema allows you to mark include items such as work hours, education and experience requirements, benefits, salary and even salary currency.

Additional Uses

I’ve only specified two, but there are so many other uses – so many other schemas. Recipes, television, movies. Brands and ratings. Government and Education. I suggest you go to and check it out for yourself. Do a little research. If you like what you see, contact Leadgenix and we can help you out.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director