Twitter’s New Photo and Video Sharing

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Once again, Twitter has expanded its capabilities by renovating itself to offer services to share photos and video.  These new components add a whole new dimension to Twitter’s ability to offer interaction with social media.

Instead of leaving the site to view pictures and video, this media will be connected to the actual Tweets themselves.  The most popular pictures and videos will be displayed on the Twitter homepage.

Why is this such a big deal?  Now instead of browsing only Tweets categorically by hashtags, pictures and video will be included as well.  For example, if I upload an album to Twitter and label it #bestday, my pictures might look something like this:

photo and video sharing

I could even complement these with YouTube videos of these events, which could be hashtagged the same way.  The reason this type of photo and video sharing will be so successful is because it allows users to interact in an emotionally resounding way.

My hope is that Twitter users will use this service to their advantage.  Instead of posting hundreds of pictures of one vacation, simply post the best moments and hashtag them correctly.  This way, users can quickly make connections with other users through photos and videos that represent their definition of things like #family, #school, and #happiness.

Because of the inconvenience of using third-party photo providers in the past, Twitter will make photo sharing easier and more common.  The more actions you can do in one place, the more convenient and user-friendly the site will be.  Twitter understands this, and is capitalizing on this social media marketing services strategy.

So share your photos on Twitter!  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll run across your photos sometime under the hashtag #millionaire.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director