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Let’s face it, Twitter is consistently  becoming more and more popular.  You have probably been told at least once that you should jump on that band wagon.  But why be on Twitter you ask?  Here are 7 simple reasons why.

1. Twitter forces you to become a more concise writer.  This is a skilled that is definitely beneficial in any business these days and especially on the web.  With only 140 characters to post something on Twitter, you are required to condense otherwise lengthy messages.

2. Twitter is a great source to know what is going on NOW! Currently 33,076 tweets are being posted per minute about everything and anything going on right now in the world.  I didn’t even have to watch the Grammys on Sunday; I just read some of  the trending tweets.

3.  Twitter may soon be  the wave of the future in Google searches.  It has been rumored that google will be offering a real-time search capabilities, in which it will index tweets and other real-time data.  Your morning tweet could eventually be one of the top searches on google for a certain topic.

4. It is a great marketing tool for you or your business.  You can find and follow people within your sphere of business, thus building a following in whom can follow what is constantly going on with you/your business.  This currently is a must in social media marketing.

5. Twitter is a great place for you to  find experts and answers to questions, as well as learn great things.

6. Twitter is convenient.  You can send a post from everywhere and likewise receive everywhere.

7. And yes, of course you can stay in touch personally with friends too!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director