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Twitter in GovernmentIf you still think that Twitter is a useless venture and that people that Tweet are really just twits, you need to sit up and look around, because the world has passed you by. Not only is Twitter here to stay, but it is now being used on a semi-important level… lobbying. As you have no doubt heard in the news there has been a lot of back and forth lately between the President and Congress as to how to settle the issue of the rising debt. It seemed to be more or less in a deadlock… until the President enlisted the help of some viral marketing techniques.

@BarackObama, tweeted out to all of it’s followers to tweet their respective representatives with the Hashtag #compromise and inform them of their feelings on the matter.

WHOA! I’ll admit that I still have some lingering questions about the complete usefulness of twitter, but wow! I never expected to see Twitter in government; this just opened up a whole new aspect of twitter in my mind of all of the possibilities for group speak. In the past if the president had wanted to hear what the actual voice of the people was (or of a specific demographic) it would have cost exorbitant sums of money and have taken weeks to organize; this took nothing more than approximately 140 key strokes.

I am seeing more and more things like this and think to myself, how is it that something as simple of this isn’t used more? I know that there are nearly infinite ways out there to harness the power of social media to help the government more accurately represent the actual voice and feeling of its people.

Let’s get some conversation going on this, what’s the next big way that we’ll see Twitter in government, well or social media as a whole?

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director