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Social Networking sites Twitter and Facebook have both announced new features for users which aim to improve the overall experience. Twitter has released its own Twitter Analytics tool for public use and Facebook has officially adopted clickable hashtags in order to better organize topics and monetize searches.

The initial implementation of the hashtag on Twitter has allowed an organizing of content that is unparalleled on any other site, and has helped Twitter develop into what it is today. Many sites have emulated this tool, and Facebook has finally joined them. One thing Twitter hasn’t done on its own, however, is provide its own analytics for its every day users.

Twitter Analytics for All


Since 2011, Twitter has provided its own Analytics program for website owners allowing them to track clicks, retweets, mentions, and almost any other Twitter interaction. Individuals have had to rely on 3rd party websites for Twitter management such as, and in addition to to accurately track any interactions.

As of today, June 13, 2013, Twitter has announced that their own Analytics tool will be available publicly for website owners and individual users alike. This eliminates the need to allow a 3rd party to access your Twitter account in order for you to see your Analytics.

It remains to be seen whether Twitter Analytics will integrate further features that will compete with some of the 3rd party sites such as the ability to manage multiple accounts at once, scheduling tweets, and even deeper, more extensive analytics. If it is the same version as was accessible to website owners before, than the Twitter management sites may still appeal to many that need to organize their Twitter accounts.

Facebook Gets Hashtags #finally

Facebook has taken a large step in their web design by enabling the use of clickable hashtags in posts, statuses, and shares. The main reason for this change is to organize searches and encourage a more open style of sharing content than was previously available. With the new implementation of hashtags in Facebook, users are going to be able to search for trending topics and keywords and see everything related to them.

Facebook and Hashtags

Another reason Facebook decided to make this change was because they are doing away with promoted posts, ads, and search items. They have had a difficult time in the past with monetizing ad search and their hashtag system is looking to change that. Because of this change, Facebook has become an even more viable option for online marketing. Social Media Tips for Business Owners are going to become even more important as hashtags are integrated into Facebook.

A potential concern with the new system comes on the privacy front. Facebook has announced that anything that has limited privacy settings (such as ‘friends’ or ‘friends of friends’) will be available to only that group of individuals and will remain hidden to those searching for hashtags included in those posts.

Facebook wants to encourage a freer flowing, open system, whereas before, posts would get lost in between groups of friends. This would stunt the potential spread of viral material, or material that could be monetized.

Social media seems to be changing in a big way, allowing the end user more freedom and more tools to create a better experience. Twitter Analytics should be available to all users over the next few days, and all Facebook users should be able to integrate hashtags into posts over the next few weeks.

Photo Credit: Rosaura Ochoa, misspixels

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director