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tweet me

Did you pass out any “tweet me” sweethearts to your lover this Valentines day?!

Sweethearts has become more socially savvy with there sweetheart messages. They recognize the importance of Twitter. Do you?

Twitter is a MUST in the Social Media world of marketing. Here are a few simple tips for professionally getting your business on twitter:

1. Make an username, using your company’s name.

2. Customize your Twitter page to look like your company’s website.

3. Start posting content! This is a must. Without content, no one will ever follow you. But make your content good and consistent. I recommend tweeting at least 3-5 times a week.

Remember: your twitter account should only be used to draw traffic to your website, but you also want to make sure you are not just tweeting for you, but rather for your consumer.

4. Start following! Follow other businesses or people in your geographical area and/or your area of business. But make sure not to follow your competitors. You don’t want them to use your good ideas and tactics.

5. Be persistent and watch as your company’s twitter account flourishes.

There are many other media tools you can use to help you more easily monitor your twitter account. Some such tools are:

  • TweetEffect– a tool which helps you to determine what aids you in gaining followers and losing followers
  • Twist– a tool which reveals trends in keywords and products
  • TweetDeck– a tool which connects your facebook, twitter, and myspace accounts so that you can manage them simultaneously.

Now go tweet!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director