True Search Engine Marketing = Good Content

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There are so many useful search engine optimization techniques out there. Anyone with a little bit of knowledge can practice simple link building skills to promote their website. But a lot of people overlook the most important thing – actually having good content on your site.

Obviously, there is always a reason that you want people coming to your site. You may sell something, advertise something, or simply just want your voice to be heard. Some people are only interested in getting more traffic to their site. But even if you work for hours a day on SEO, you will never truly accomplish your goals if your website provides nothing useful to your visitors.

And here’s a secret that, for some reason, many site owners choose to ignore: What happens when people like your website? They link to it! Think about any big website out there. Do you think has to do much search engine marketing? They don’t, because their readers do it for them. Someone reads an article on CNN, turns around, and posts it in a blog post for their friends to find. CNN puts work and effort into its content, and the content does the SEO for them.

Of course, most sites aren’t going to have that right away. Search optimization for small business is almost always necessary to get your name out there and start getting traffic to your site. But if you work hard on your content, eventually you can cut back on the hours of link building and spend your time elsewhere. And then your content will benefit both you and your readers.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director