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If you have a website, chances are you have heard of Google Adwords – Pay-per-click advertising campaigns, and keywords; and are probably implementing some if not all of them yourself. There is an important principal to consider as you try to determine how successful a certain aspect may be, that of Attribution.

Attribution is the process of crediting keywords or campaigns (or touch points in general) with a specific conversion so you can tell what is driving your traffic. As you look at your traffic keywords or click through words it is likely you will see that your most specific phrases are the most successful at generating traffic and revenue. However, there is a huge gap in the reasoning here.

Think about the last time you searched for something you didn’t know very much about. You probably started off with something pretty generic (TV cables). This got you to a website that helped you learn more about what you’re actually looking for. Then you searched again with more specific knowledge (Monster Cables). Again, the same thing happens, finally you find exactly what you need, so you do one last search – (HDMI Monster Cable). Well if you only consider your reporting software, it would seem like the phrase “HDMI Monster Cable” is your money maker and thus the only one worth investing in.

What you have to consider though, is the entire process. If the previous more general keywords weren’t in place the customer would have never gotten to your page. It is a little bit like a stair case that is missing the bottom three stairs, the ultimate pay off is in the top stair but all of the stairs below it contribute to the end result (ok, maybe this is a bit of a weak analogy, but I think you get the point). Now you can cut your general words and pray that they end up getting to your site with the specific words OR you can run all the words which will ultimately increase your odds of landing a conversion.

What we have done is a thorough attribution of touchpoints. (This is also something to consider for other forms of advertising – TV,Radio, Banner Ads,etc…). The point then, is to fully consider the entire customer conversion process and how to help your online presence meet all the needs along the way.





Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director