If you think about how often Google changes its algorithms, you might want to also think about keeping up with internet marketing industry news and updates.  After hearing about Google’s “Pigeon” updating the local algorithm, I decided to increase my local search research habits. I would like to introduce you to four of the most useful local SEO communities I’ve come across. They have been so helpful to all members of these communities and so willing to impart their local SEO knowledge. Without further ado….

1. Local Search Google+ Community

I highly recommend anyone involved in local search or promoting their business online to join this G00gle+ community. With actively participating local search experts as moderators and many other great local search experts as members, this community in permeated with practical local search tactics galore and valuable tips to help any business perform well in local search results. What I love about this community is that so many experts are so willing to help you, including some folks from the Local Search Dream Team. I have received help firsthand from members in this community and so can you! One more thing about this community is the resources! Click on the resource tab and you will land yourself in a reservoir of local search knowledge.

2. Local Search Forum

Linda Buquet is an amazing local search expert with a big heart. She will help anyone in need of local search wisdom. You just have to ask. That’s what the Local Search Forum is for. This forum is great for gaining not only basic local search knowledge, but also knowledge of some advanced local seo tactics (the advanced local training is paid but worth it). Finding answers to tricky questions is a definite ability on this forum. You can even ask the tricky questions yourself.

3. Local SEO News Google+ Community

With a tagline like “Main Source for Local SEO Updates” and with 2,720+ members, the Local SEO News Google+ Community is a must to be a part of. It is run by Luis Galzara who is a local marketing voice himself with over 50,000 followers on Google+.  Luis and other experts are very active on this community.

4. LocalU Forum

This forum is paid, but it is run by “the best of the best of the best” of local search. It costs $129/month, but the cool thing is that I’ve seen many of these faculty members active on the first three local search communities I mentioned. The LocalU faculty members’ experience is unsurpassed, and being a part of this forum will help you get all your 101 and most advanced questions answered.

I wish you luck in keeping up with local search and Google’s frequent updates. You can do great if you follow what other experts are doing and showing some creativity yourself.


Austin Lund