An study recently came out stating that businesses will spend up to 75 percent more on Internet marketing this holiday season. I believe this is because internet marketing has proven itself again and again to be effective. What are the best strategic internet marketing techniques? Here is compiled by of the top 10:

10. E-mail Marketing: Keeps your old customers coming back.

9. Pay-Per-Click (PPC): Allows you to target your advertising dollars very specifically and PPC has direct and measurable results.

8. Conversion Web Design: A good website is more than a glorified business-card. It has products, services, information, and a call to action all online so that visitors turn right into customers.

7. Blogging: Building a business blog is a great way to provide valuable industry-related information for your visitors. The search-engines will love all of the fresh content, while you become an industry-related authority.

6. Link Building: This is a key tactic for SEO. The more links you have from credible sources, the higher your ranking will be on the major search engines.

5. Online Public Relations: If you have good credibility online, people will trust and respect your business.

4. Video Marketing:People tend to click on links with a video more than a link without. Videos are key to turning visitors into customers.

3. Keyword Research: This involves finding the best keywords to reach your target market.

2. Social Media Networking: Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn reaches customers on a more personal level.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Sites that are found on the top of Google are the ones that get the most business and are considered the leaders of their industry. SEO services will pay for themselves.

As you can see, local search engine optimization services are the best internet marketing techniques you can do for your business. Follow that up with social media services and a professional website design and you will see great results.

Adam Jackson