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We here at Big Leap pride ourselves in being experts of our chosen fields. Some of us work in SEO, building links for clients. Others maintain optimized social media accounts, run PPC campaigns, write articles, and design websites. In order for a website to be successful and stand above the competition, all these different services are needed.

Google used to be a fairly simple way to ensure traffic came to site. Nowadays, it has become a complicated process and many people ruin their online presence because they don’t understand what they are doing. If you’re not an expert of SEO practices, you need to make sure what you are doing to generate traffic to your site will actually work. (If you’re a complete newbie, don’t bother reading any further, yet. First, take a look at A Beginner’s Look at SEO.)

So, out of the bottom of my heart, I am going to give you three FREE easy ways to bring traffic to your website:


These SEO tips might make generating traffic easier.

1. Forum Marketing

Forum marketing has evolved quite a bit over the years because of the advancements of social media and online relationship building. If you want to engage in forum marketing, it is a great way to identify the big fish in your particular pond of business. You should start by offering free high-quality content, tools, and resources.

Most forums will allow you create a profile that includes your web site address, social contacts, and other background and contact information. The main advantage, however, is the “signature box” that shows up on all your posts. In this box you can insert a URL to the best page of your site. It should be to a page that has useful information on it, not a sales page.

2. Document Sharing Networks

There is a lot of potential behind content sharing networks. They are easy to maintain and generate immediate traffic. Another benefit is you can insert hyperlinks into the texts for readers to click on and be led right your website.

Most of these networks allow you to upload content that is category specific. If you are a website that deals with the benefits of different acne treatments, you could upload your various types of content to a “health” category, which will make it much more accessible for users. You can upload eBooks, articles, tutorials, almost anything really, so these sharing sites provide a lot of flexibility.

Some good sites include and

3. Tutorial-Based LearningEasy SEO Tips

This suggestion is more for website owners who are in an information-based market, but it can work for anyone, really. You can create a series of videos and guides that show people how to do something relevant to your niche. Going back to the acne example, maybe you want to show people how toothpaste can get help get ride of zits. A short, strong, to the point video would allow you to do this and you could post it for your viewers.

You can also include a link to your website so that people can click on it and learn more about what they have just watched. Some good sites include: and And, of course, it is free to sign up.


Nothing will come 100% free when you want to market your website or business, but these ideas are free, easy(er), and open for anyone to use. With a bit of effort you can generate a good amount of traffic for your site. But, remember, these will only take you to a certain point. To take full advantage of search engine optimization, you will need an experienced company, like our team at Leadgenix, to take you to the next level.


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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director