PPC can be an important piece to your marketing puzzle.If you plan on having any kind of online presence for your business, some serious thought should be given to entering the arena of paid search marketing. While you work on building your SEO portfolio to climb the ranks of organic search results, getting familiar with AdWords or AdCenter can be great ways to immediately start driving traffic to your site.

Without someone to guide you however, stepping into the world of search engine marketing can feel a lot like entering a lions den…with a juicy steak strapped to your hip. It’s easy to quickly become overwhelmed by the wealth of options available to you.

The fact remains though that pay per click advertising is a force too great to simply ignore. So whether you are a seasoned veteran or a rookie in the PPC game, it helps to think about things from the perspective of your target.

The all important question you need to ask yourself before starting a campaign is this: What are you trying to get your target to do? Any good PPC strategy needs to revolve around the same 3 basic keys to success.

One: Get Them to See Your Ad

This is all about choosing the right keywords. Remember to make them specific and make them relevant. Figure out your budget and plan your keyword strategy accordingly.

A smaller budget might benefit most from a series of highly targeted exact phrases. Leaving things too broad might get you more traffic, but you also run the danger of devouring your daily budget.

Two: Get Them to Click On Your Ad

It doesn’t matter how many impressions you get if no one ever clicks on your ad. Assuming you have a sound keyword strategy in place, the next step is to create dynamic ad copy.

Write your ads so they stand out. Do a little research and see what your competitors are doing in their ad copy. Find out what you can do to make your business look better than theirs in less than 70 characters.

Three: Get Them to Convert On Your Site

This is where the rubber meets the road. If everyone that lands on your site just bounces away, you haven’t really accomplished anything at all.

Make sure your landing page and keywords are relevant to each other and there is a clear call to action in place. Remember that clicks aren’t what you’re really after here; its conversions. Clicks cost you money, conversions should make it back.

PPC can be a valuable ally in the marketing arena.PPC has the power to become your businesses best friend. The trick is to make sure you take the time to develop a winning strategy from start to finish. While only a small part of the puzzle, these three keys can serve as a solid starting point for any campaign.

Scott Sundblom