Things to Avoid with eCommerce Websites

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When you’re fist setting up your website, you may think you can just post all sorts of products and search engine traffic will just come rolling in.  Well, while it is good to have lots of products, you also need to get some optimization in.

Unfortunately, Optimization for eCommerce sites can be  a bit harder than it is for blogs or the simple company page set up.  eCommerce pages have lots of products and because of that they have lots of product pages.  To put in the words of the Notorious BIG “Mo pages, mo problems”.  So, lets get in to a few errors to avoid when setting up all those pages:

Duplicate Content

Having lots of duplicate content will not only look tacky but Google will not like it. Make sure you lower the amount of duplicate content on your pages. a few things you can do to lower the duplicate content are: Block things like Archive pages, and tags with Robots.txt or Add non-follow tributes to links that go to duplicate content.

Copying Product Descriptions

You need to make sure you are creating Unique content on your pages. When you are writing up the descriptions for your products, don’t just use the ones that come from the manufacturer. Besides being unoriginal content, they are usually not written in a way that is aimed to help you sell the product.

No Reviews

A huge percentage of online shoppers look for reviews of products before they considering buying them. I know I do. Make sure to have a way for your customers to leave feedback and look at the reviews left by other customers. Besides building up original content, it helps greatly with SEO value.

This is only a small list of things to avoid. Of course there are many many things that you need to work on to keep your site SEO and Consumer friendly. But, keep reading out blog to get great tips and updates about SEO. Thanks for reading

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director