This will be the first of several posts about the Villains of SEO. These bad guys all have something in common…

    1. They break the rules for their own benefit


    1. Their rewards are short lived


    They always get caught

One of the evilest men to ever live, “He who must not be named”, used three unforgivalbe spells to wreck havoc on the wizarding and cyber worlds alike.

1. The Cruciatus Curse also known at times as blog spamming. It is defined as writing a program that will leave an automated comment on someone’s blog post. The comment includes the death eaters keywords and website but has nothing to do with the actual post.

2. The Imperius Curse more commonly known as hidden or invisible text. This is when a dark wizard disguises keywords and phrases by making them the same color as the background, they can also use a tiny font size, or hide them within HTML code such as “no frame” sections.

3. The worst of the worst, Avada Kedavra aka a Google Bomb. One must be full of hate and really mean it to make this curse work. This involves placing hyperlinks that directly affect the rank of other sites, normally with the intention of getting them to rank for a negative term. Only one person has ever survived this attack.

All of these techniques are outlawed by the Ministry but at times “You-Know-Who” and his followers have used them to get quick gain. In the end they are always caught and sent to Azkaban (banned).

Disclaimer: This is the geekiest blog post ever written. I dare you to top it.

Expecto Patronum Out.

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