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Superman of Social MediaEven though there are terrible villains in the SEO world, we are lucky enough to have the superheroes of social media. Our first highlighted superhero is that of superman, the leader of social media superhero team.

Superman in the social media world has three super-human powers that are vital to every successful social media presence.

1. Superman can fly, putting him almost instantly at every crime scene.

In the social media world, superman is always on top of his social media presence. When news strikes, he is the first to tweet, post, and poke. He makes sure that he has an omni-present hand in his social media world, so that his followers know that he cares.

2. Superman has the strength of ten men (or maybe even eleven…).

In social media, Superman knows that just Facebook and Twitter don’t cut it. When trying to have an effective presence he makes sure to use all of the possible resources. Superman constantly uses Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Yelp, Digg, Delicous, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Angie’s List, Blogs, and Forums, all of which give him the strength of many men.

3. Superman knows, and daily fights, his one and only social media Kryptonite, SPAM!

Superman’s tweets can never be beat, unless he is near that all so dangerous kryptonite called SPAM. He never tweets the same thing twenty times in a row, or only talks about his own business, or acts like a sell out only pointing to his “buy” page. Superman gives people great stories, relevant content, and interacts about subjects other than fighting crime.

You can, and need to, become the next superman of Social Media Marketing to make your social media world a safer place.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director