The Social Media Fad

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No, this is not a plug for Erik Qualman’s book, Socialnomics. However, his video makes a very solid observation.

Social media is huge, and it’s not going away.

If you choose to ignore social media and the many opportunities that accompany it, you are missing out. And worse, the longer you wait to join in, the more you’ll miss.

With the ability to access the internet from basically wherever, whenever, came a huge shift in the way our society communicates. Social media is the general at the head of the new communication front.

If your company is not hooked up to social media, it is out of the loop. That omission limits your voice in the public arena.

Instead of having to seek out a product, service, or supplier, the general public– the consumer– has all info brought to them. It vibrates in their pockets.

Don’t miss out on that buzz.

Magazines, radio, telephones, television, computers, cell phones, the internet, iPods. None of these was a passing fad. Each of these has fundamentally changed society.

Social media is no different. It’s simply the newest way for people to communicate, to interact. Social media broadens the audience. It personalizes the mass.

And it isn’t just teenagers (although they are an extremely important consumer group to reach). Social media joins young and old, local and international, new and established.

Who will hear your business if you aren’t part of the conversation?

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director