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Guest Blogging Basics

Guest Blog to Build Links Have you ever heard the saying, “content is king?” Why is that? The answer is simple. When people get online to search for something, more often than not, they need information about a product/service/person, etc. Whether it’s the latest gossip on Kanye West or what kind of shoes would be best for running, they are looking to increase their knowledge about something. This is where guest blogging comes in. Guest blogging involves writing an article or a post about a topic you’re familiar with and it typically invites a discussion about the topic. You do not have to be an expert in the topic (if you are, don’t show off too much). I offer you some tips on how properly guest blog and make your content king in the internet world.

Don’t Just Guest Blog To Build Links

Yes, guest blogging is a great link builder. But, the link building will come naturally. Don’t center your guest blogging around it. Instead, think about your audience. Who are you writing to? Where are you wanting to guest blog? What are you writing about? SEO Note – after you’ve written your article, you can go back and look for natural places to add the link back to a relevant page on your site and also links to other sources of information.

Remember English Class

I know that English class scarred some of you for life, but there are some good principles that came from it. One of these principles is the idea of a “hook” to get your readers’ attention. When it comes to writing an article, the hook is usually your title and the first sentence of your content. SEO Note – make sure your title and content include the keywords related to your business (e.g. running shoes for women, web design in Los Angeles, etc). NO KEYWORD STUFFING! Please.

Research and Proofreading

Now, I said you don’t have to be an expert in the topic you will be writing about. However, you might want to know SOMETHING about it. There’s not a set amount of time you should spend researching, but spend enough time that you can feel confident and could talk about that topic in a conversation. The next part is proofreading. My motto is “hash it out and read it out”. This means that I will write a couple of drafts on my topic and then I will have a trusted friend or co-worker read the post for me (thank you!). Aside from fixing any grammar of spelling mistakes, they can also tell you if they like your post and if you need to make any changes to it.

Profiles and Contacting

To add more credibility to your post, create a profile on Google+ and link it to your post in your author bio. What’s an author bio you say? It’s a few sentences about you to prove that you are human and have a personality. Next comes finding somewhere to post your article. These tips are not meant to be in order, contacting potential blogging sites is something you should do before you write the article. Sometimes webmasters will want to read your article before posting so it really depends. When contacting the webmaster, remember to sound professional and sincere. Tell them who you are and why you would like blog post for them.

Investing vs Wasting

The purpose of guest blogging is a long-term investment. You will be creating a reputation for yourself and for your company. You will develop great relationships with other fellow webmasters. The results will not be immediate and if that’s your purpose in guest blogging, you’ll be wasting time. Good luck, future guest bloggers. photo credit: Wesley Fryer via photopin cc

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director