The Power of Social Media and Your Next Job

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In the world of technology and online social profiles, who and what you say online are becoming more and more of a judge of character for people who don’t know you, i.e. your future employer.  Before mass social media, employers only had resumes and references that you listed on that resume, which in most cases were only going to share your best qualities. Employers now have the ability to view your social profile, determine who you really are, and in some cases, weed you out before the interview even takes place. With that said, maintaining a reputable and respectable online image is becoming more and more important.

According to research, more than one-third of employers use social media to screen applicants before the interview process.  Those looking for jobs and internships should be aware that many prospective employers will even ask for Facebook usernames and passwords to complete this selection process. While some may not feel this is fair, employers are doing it and a bad social profile may destroy your potential career.  As a potential intern or employee, your social media profile is now becoming an indicator of your personality and skills.

With the growing demand of interns in today’s job market, Online Colleges has prepared this infographic to help prospective applicants gain an edge on their competition.  Developing noteworthy resumes and cover letters have become only part of the equation, developing a noteworthy social profile must be present too.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director