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Over the past several years, social media has proved to be an incredibly powerful marketing tool for small businesses. Companies throughout the world are finding success through Facebook, Twitter, and Google + but many seem to have forgotten about LinkedIn. By far, LinkedIn is the most underutilized social media network there is.

Even though LinkedIn is underutilized, there are still plenty of people for your company to connect with. One of the great features that sets LinkedIn apart from other social media networks are recommendations. These recommendations can come from current or past employees, customers, clients, or business partners.(dot)reid(dot)

Importance of recommendations

Having quality recommendations in your company profile shows that customers and employees truly value your business and the products/services you provide. When people search for you online they will be able to find and read these recommendations.

Each time you receive a recommendation it will show up in your network’s news feed as well as in the profile of the person who wrote it. This means that anyone searching your page will see it and anyone who is connected to the individual who wrote the recommendation will see it, greatly expanding your potential reach.

How do you get recommendations?

The best way to receive recommendations is to simply ask for them. According to LinkedIn’s rules, your profile will not be 100% complete without having at least three recommendations so start asking away!

When you ask for a recommendation, there are a few things to remember:

  • Make the message personalized and simple.
  • Write a recommendation for your connection before asking them to return the favor.
  • Compliment them and thank them for their work/service.
  • Be specific in what exactly you would like them to say in their recommendation.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and offer recommendations to your connections. The more recommendations you give, the more likely others will be willing to write recommendations for you.

What other advice would you offer to receive good recommendations? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director