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new facebook privacyPeople have been criticizing Facebook for privacy issues for a long time now and not much has been done. But now that a major competitor like Google+ has shown up on the scene they’ve started taking those criticisms seriously.

Facebook made a major overhaul to their sharing settings and privacy controls that look suspiciously like the features that made Google+ a hit. Now when you post a status update or a link you can choose whether everyone in the world, just your friends, or a customized group of people can see it.

The “view profile as” feature has been moved from its spot buried deep in the privacy setting page to the top right hand corner of your user profile. Surprise! It’s the same place in Google+.

Major changes have been made to Facebook’s tagging feature as well. If someone tags you in a photo you must approve that tag first. Also a feature that came standard it Google+. If you really don’t like the picture you can request to have it removed by the person who uploaded it.

facebooks new sharing settings

Overall these changes are great. Tighter privacy is something that Facebook has been needing for a long time. But will tighter privacy impact how we interact? Will it impact social media marketing? Or is it a possibility that we are too used to the old privacy settings and no one will even utilize it?

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director