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Quality Content for Effective Search Engine OptimizationMany businesses are seriously impacted by the Internet, and specifically by search rankings. As they begin to understand the value of ranking well they come to search engine optimization companies, like us, looking for help.

The enthusiasm businesses have for SEO may not have been as high when they bought their website so quality content wasn’t produced. This leaves us doing damage control.

Google Panda and The Importance of Fresh Content

The entire SEO process relies on the quality of the website. A company can continue to build quality links month after month, but they will not be effective if Google views the website as spam.

Google wants to make sure that the search results are exactly what the user is looking for, that way people continue to use Google. The Panda Update ensures that only unique, usable, quality content will be able to rank.

Benefits of Google-Friendly and User-Friendly Content

If a company uses cheap, poorly designed content then the chances are high that exact content has been used on other similar websites. Google will not rank a website that has the same content as hundreds of other websites on the Internet.

Not only Google will view the content as unimportant, but so will the users. Content needs to be specific to the company and should drive the users to explore other pages on the site to find out more about the company. If done correctly, content can be a valuable tool for conversions and a great foundation for an SEO campaign.

My last bit of advice is don’t be afraid to ask questions when a company is producing content for your business. It is important to know if a company has copywriters that will produce unique content that is specific to your business. Check out the company’s portfolio before doing any web design to make sure they will produce a site with content that will help you rank and help your potential customers.

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Megan Rothey
Megan is an Digital Marketing Manager at Big Leap who loves coming up with strategies that help businesses grow. She has a fondness for SEO since that was her focus when she entered the digital marketing industry. She is a board games master, a tennis enthusiast, and she adores her husband.