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Marketers—both small and large companies—are using Twitter to reach customers, sell products and services, and characterize their brand. Some of these companies are so great at what they do that they are attracting millions of Twitter users around the world. Take a look at some of the top companies on Twitter and what makes them so successful.

Top Companies on Twitter

  1. Twitter logoTwitter.  It is no surprise that the top company on Twitter is Twitter itself. No one knows the tricks of the trade better than the very company that came up with it. The Twitter company, which joined the site just over two years ago, has 26,554,605 followers and growing every minute. On its page, Twitter links to articles about the company and responds to user queries and complaints.
  2. New York Times.  The New York Times is another popular company on Twitter. Its user base consists of 9,978,498 followers who wish to stay up-to-date on world news. The New York Times, therefore, uses Twitter to post about new articles and relevant happenings in the world.
  3. Google.  Is Google good at everything it does? Pretty much. This well-known company has 7,445,811 followers on Twitter and uses the site to talk about its company and to post relevant and entertaining content.
  4. Starbucks.  Starbucks, as you are probably well aware, is a popular coffee chain. It joined Twitter nearly two and a half years ago and has 5,124,857 followers. It uses Twitter to talk about new offerings and discounts.
  5. Whole Foods Market.  Whole Foods is a natural and organic grocery store that joined Twitter just under a year ago and already has 3,588,014 followers. On Twitter, Whole Foods answers questions about store offerings and promotes its in-store presentations.
  6. Zappos.  Zappos is another online retailer, selling shoes and clothing for all ages. Zappos joined Twitter about a year and a half ago and now has 2,854,158 followers. Its Chief Executive Tony Hseih tweets about his life and Zappos’ offbeat corporate culture.
  7. Threadless.  Threadless is a t-shirt company that develops designs based on artist submissions. It joined Twitter just under a year ago and now has 2,239,743 followers. This company uses Twitter to announce t-shirt giveaways and winning designs. Who doesn’t love a free t-shirt?E-card making fun of hashtags
  8. Someecards.  Someecards is an irrelevant, humorous e-greeting card company. It joined Twitter one year ago and now has a follower base of 2,213,687. On Twitter, this company posts and links to new e-cards.
  9. JetBlue Airways.  JetBlue is a discount airline that joined Twitter just under a year ago. It has 1,762,860 followers and uses Twitter to answer customer questions and promote travel deals.
  10. is an online retailer that sells one item per day. This company also joined Twitter about two years ago and now has 1,646,335 followers. This company uses Twitter to promote its daily sale.

What Makes These Companies Successful?

Starbucks logoNow that we’ve discussed the top-performing companies on Twitter, let’s talk about what makes them so successful. It’s actually pretty simple. Top companies, like Starbucks and New York Times, are bound to do well on social media platforms because people know who they are and like what they offer. To build a popular Twitter account, you first need to get your name out there and make sure people know who you are. That requires generating high awareness among consumers. You must also offer something that consumers find worthwhile and interesting. If you want your business to grow on Twitter, don’t be boring. Offer useful and entertaining content. On top of these attributes, it is important to maintain a good presence on Twitter. The top companies all carry a great presence in the way they interact with other users.

We can’t promise that applying these tips will help you match up with Twitter, itself, or Google anytime soon, but there’s always room for improvement. Work on optimizing your Twitter page, interacting appropriately with your Twitter user base, and satisfying your customers with your business offerings, and over time, you are bound to see an increase in both awareness and popularity.

What are your favorite companies on Twitter and why do you like them? Incorporate what they do well and tell us about your own success stories as you do so.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director