Lately I have been digging deeper into my local SEO research. I joined the best Google+ communities and forums that are laser-focused on local search tactics; I have been following some of the experts in the local search industry, like the Local Search Dream Team; and it has been very satisfying to finally find the right people that are so generous in sharing their local search knowledge.

There is No Such Thing as an “Ultimate Guide to Local SEO”

I have read some great articles on local SEO tactics and watched some good webinars; however, I can’t say that any single one of those resources contains every local SEO detail all packed into one perfect article or presentation. In essence, there is no such thing as an “ultimate guide to local SEO,” however many articles that claim that title you might come across. You need to get information from a variety of sources.

The Beastly Articles on Local Search

However far along the local search journey you are at in this very moment, I highly recommend this presentation by Darren Shaw, the founder of Whitespark.

Or better yet, the presentation he gave just two weeks ago on June 27, 2014:

In these articles Darren Shaw goes over how to prioritize your local search work. He goes in depth into reviews, on-site work, optimizing your Google+ Local page, citations, and link building for local SEO.

A Guaranteed Boost in Your Local Search Rankings

Now I know I said there is no such thing as an “ultimate guide”, but these articles are the most practical guides to local SEO that I have come across yet. They are saturated with tactics, tools, and tips that will help anyone boost their business’s rankings in the local listings. I call the first article the beast. The second one is even beastlier. No matter how well you are doing with your local search knowledge, I guarantee that you will learn new things that can result in a massive positive impact in your business local rankings.

Austin Lund