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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the importance of quality content. Part of this post described the importance of having completely unique content. Google has enforced the idea that websites which contribute new information are more valuable to users by ranking websites higher when they have original content.

Can we still use quotes?

Quotes and Unique ContentDue to this emphasis on original content, many bloggers have been asking whether or not they will be penalized for duplicate content when they quote another source. Matt Cutts addressed this question in one of his latest Google Webmaster Help videos.

The key to quoting is to do it right. Copying an entire article and putting quotation marks at the beginning and at the end isn’t going to cut it. Google is smarter than that. If all of your content is a quote then you should expect to be penalized.

If you a blogger who wants to use a quote in a blog post then don’t worry! A natural post should include original text before and/or after the quote which is adding value to the website. Because the bulk of the content on the page is unique, you won’t be penalized.

Steps for Quoting a Source

  • Use quotation marks, and use them correctly
  • Post a link to the original source of the content
  • Add original content to the post

Blogging can be a critical part of the SEO process so make sure it is done right. Bloggers, you now have the tools you need so feel free to start quoting.

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