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Most likely, if you are like most other people, you may have focused a lot of your work on back links but the truth is, back links are only half, if not less of your total strategy. You need to think a little more global. Rather, you need to think a little more social media global. According to searchmetrics, the top 6 biggest ranking factors on Google were these:

Facebook likes can help optimize your company


1. Google plus – no surprise there

2. Facebook shares

3. Your number of back links

4. Facebook total

5. Your Facebook comments

6. Facebook Likes

The Question

So the question is, what are you doing, other than back links to build up your site? Well if you answer isn’t social media then you better get on it!

Build your personality

Many businesses build a personality on social media. For example, if a customer says something about you, then comment back, be fun, responsive, and professional. Not only will this help with your search rankings, but this will help you build a love group.

The discussion

One great tactic for Facebook is starting a discussion. Pose a question and see what people say.

Relevant content

The number two on Google rankings was sharing. So you need to share relevant content for you consumers. Think about your target market and what appeals to them, then see if you can’t get your page to be shared. Often times, things that are enjoyable or funny are quick to be shared, but good deals and pages that people like are also shared frequently. Just make sure that you focus in on who you want to share to and how you are going to do it.

Commit yourself – Daily interaction

Once you sign up for Facebook, you need to be committed. You can’t get married then forget about your wife for weeks, similarly, once you have an online presence, you need to keep the best look possible. Make sure that you page is up to date, that you respond to people in a timely manner, and that you are posting stuff regularly (but don’t be too spammy!)

SEO, the easy way

When people love your business, they want to know when the best deals are, they want to be able to follow you, like your stuff, and if you play things right, they will even share your products and events on Facebook. You can start your own feeding frenzy of customers! Now let’s stop and think about what is happening there. Your customers are doing SEO for you! They are grabbing on to what they like and getting the word out themselves. This is the future my friend. So set up your accounts, be friendly and fun on your social media, and enjoy the ride.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director