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When you see this # you no longer think of it as symbolizing a number, it is now called the “hashtag” to anyone who has or has had social media. Used for grouping relevant items together or showing off to you friends how clever you can be with a hashtag #anythingyouhashicanhashbetter… And of course hilarious Jimmy Fallon videos #classic. But is there a way these hilarious hashtags could be used for anything minus mild entertainment? Say to increase awareness for your business? You all the answer to this is a YES, right? Good, but how exactly do you optimize the infamous hashtag to your company’s benefit? Here are 3 simple strategies to ensure success for all of your hashtag endeavors.

1. Keep it RelevantHashtag Success

You can come up with the most clever hashtag in the entire world but if it has nothing to do with what you are trying to do or market then it will never take off. People like to know what they are getting into and what they are clicking on. So still use your creative mind but you may have to be extra creative to make it link to your topic. Relevancy is key to make it really stick in consumers mind.


Keep It Simple Stupid (that’s rude, I know, sorry…). But KISS is super important! #ALongHashtagThatNeverEndsWillNeverBeRepeatedOrReplecated. Half of you probably didn’t even finish that hashtag since it never seemed to end, was confusing, and hard to read. So clearly there are many problems with a long hashtag… Nobody wants to read them, they’re hard to read, and they will never EVER be used again by someone else. Try to stick to no more than about 15 characters for a hashtag.

3. Listen and Respond

What’s the point of starting a hashtag campaign, if you (the creator) isn’t going to respond? Well there is no point really. Once you have found the perfect (relevant and appropriate length) hashtag campaign and launched it then your job is now to monitor if people are using it, asking questions, or putting out great uses of your hashtag that should be shared. Social media marketing is all about that social aspect that so many marketers seem to forget about, so interact with those who liked your idea enough to use it. That will just keep your hashtag campaign climbing.

If you are still concerned about choosing/creating the perfect hashtag for your campaign then here are 6 successful twitter hashtag campaigns to help get your creativity flowing. So get on your way to your hashtag success!

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director