The Facebook and Bing Team

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Last week Facebook and Microsoft made an interesting announcement that integrates Facebook data with the Bing search engine. Their announcement could bring a significant change to how results can be found in a search engine. Social Media It will change how buyers will find your web site and what you need to do to maximize your search engine optimization.

Over the past decade or more SEO work has been comparable to a popularity contest based on how many other sites have linked to your page. Facebook and Microsoft are taking a different approach to this popularity contest. Social Media

What Bing and Facebook announced last week is that Bing will use date from the Facebook “Like” button to enhance your search results with things that your friends have “liked” on Facebook. This makes sense right? When making a decision you often ask your friends opinion anyway. Through this new feature called “Liked Results”, Bing is helping you discover new information and get more personalized results.

This announcement could have a very large impact in the SEO world. The current SEO techniques will still carry weight obviously, but there will be a completely new variable in the SEO equation.

Phil Sanders