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There once lived a shepherd boy who was bored out of his skull– Not that anyone can expect a shepherd boy to be anything more than that. One day he thought he would amuse himself by getting a rise out of the village so he breathed in deep and bellowed “wolf! Wolf! WOLF!” and of course the whole village came scrambling up to see.

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The boy was dying with laughter. Of course we all know that he did it a second time and it was twice as funny because everyone was dead tired. Then, of course, an actual wolf came and started killing all the sheep.

Did anyone come when the boy cried wolf? Of course not! It was the same old, same old, and the villagers were sick of it. So what does this have to do with website copywriting?


Your customers are sick of the same old

You have been writing about yourself and putting your product plugins everywhere thinking that your customers want to hear you toot your own horn. NEWSFLASH–Your customers don’t give a hoot-in-Hades about you most of the time. They are looking for you to add value to their lives. So, maybe it’s time to change things up.

Education comes first

Most companies are used to giving information that is important to them. This may have worked ten years ago, but nowadays customers have better options. Think of it this way: an individual is looking to save money on their energy bill so they go online to find out the best way.

If you are a solar installation company, this customer is exactly what you are looking for! But how do you reach them? Do you write about solar panels and expect to show up in the search results?

Customers are now going online for education. They want to know how to do things themselves without spending lots of money.

Answer the dang question!

So what sort of question is this potential customer going ask? Well if you think about it, they want to know where to start. Sure you could write about your solar panels and how they work all day, but are you going to reach this client without answering their question? Even if you show up in the search results they will probably just refine their search.

If you are writing things like” 5 ways to lower your energy bill fast” or “10 appliances that are killing your energy bill.” These headlines have one thing in common. They are specific and they can give the customer an answer to a question that they didn’t even know they had.

They may have just wanted to know how to save money on their energy bill. We are getting to the details and letting them know about appliances that are energy hogs.  

Updating the Answers

In the end, your answers to the question can become outdated even within months. This is another reason why it is important to send out new content often. People are looking for current and relevant answers to their questions.

The next time you try your same old antics of crying wolf don’t expect the whole village to come crawling up the hill. Everyone has heard it before. Give your copywriting a boost and start answering questions! 

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director