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Social media are now critical to the survival of many businesses in a wide variety of different fields. According to, 60 percent of mobile users report they visit social media sites on a daily basis. However, according to a survey done by, with different business owners, while 70 percent of respondents thought social media boosted their brands, just 36 percent claimed social media added value through sales. In other words, good social media marketing doesn’t always translate into better sales. All social media sales aren’t equal. Your business may be missing out on conversions.

You Post Too Little or Too Often

Posting on your Facebook or whatever platform has to be done in a natural way. You need to be the cool kid who has a lot of different friends who checks in often. Posting too much becomes annoying and feels as you’re trying to sell yourself to everyone who “likes” your page. No one wants to be sold to these days. Posting too little basically just causes people to forget about you. Ideally, you want to post just enough to make people remember whom you are and be excited when you share something with them. Events and parties are good ways to do this.

You Don’t Monitor Comments and Mentions

The more people are responding to your posts and the more they’re talking about your business, the better. So the more you can encourage people to comment on posts and mention the business, the more they will spread your message for you and integrate whom you are and what you do into their own worlds. Holding contests to encourage this is a great way to engage people in comments, as are great headlines and photos to draw people’s attention. Otherwise you’re company’s social media posts will get lost in all the others on the feed.

Social Media

You Don’t Use Ad Platforms

There are a number of adverts out there that will get your name and your brand out to people specifically based on their profiles — better known as your target customer base. These are an added cost to a company’s marketing budget but no more expensive than another person working in the marketing department. Consider hiring a marketing agency who can help distribute content that lives on your site and draws people to it as well as entertains them.

You Don’t Encourage Users to Visit in Person

Ironically, while our lives evolve online in recent years, people truly desire to be pulled offline and have face-to-face meetings and experiences. So once there is a quality base of customers and people who follow your pages, create real experiences for them. Have parties, shows or other events of some kind that will allow them to have a personal experience that no one else can have unless they’re connected to your company or brand.

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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director