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Mobile SearchYou see them everywhere, everybody has one and chances are you have one too – perhaps you’re even reading this article from one; a Smartphone. Smartphones are a trend that are not probably ever going to go away, the industry will only continue to grow. This being the case, you want to make sure you capitalize on this emerging(ish) mobile search market early, so you don’t get left behind.

The current trend/miracle is providing mobile search results to phone based upon the exact location of the phone. After all, if I search for “gas station” on my phone chances are that I am looking for a (very) close place to fill up my car. This works really well because most new phones have built-in GPS capabilities, which allow the search¬†algorithm to account for that information and provide searches based on not only relevant results but results that are physically closest to where you are.

What does all this mean for you then. You must consider hitting local listing SEO just as heavily as you push your traditional SEO – especially if you rely walk-in traffic. Many of the tactics for optimizing your site for Local searches are similar to those of traditional SEO, with the variation of including addresses in directories, submitting to google place/maps as well as making sure your site is optimized with your addresses. With as easy as it is to add this to the laundry list of internet based marketing tasks you do, there’s no reason not to hit this hard and fast.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director